Mixed Media

Recent artwork – 11/1/2016


Pinterest is a fantastic muse for me.  I’ve made so many friends through this site and met the most wonderful, helpful and encouraging artists.  I’ll probably regret this next statement….but I have yet to dry up creatively.  Please know I’m saying this with a mouthful of humble pie.  A blank canvas is exciting and most frustrating is choosing which medium I’d like to explore for the day – mixed, collage or assemblage.  Early in the week, I usually have a large pile of trash and ephemera I’ve “found” on my hikes and walks.  Stuff like bird feathers (washed, of course), rusty wire and my most favorite find of all was a large piece of corrugated packaging that had been exposed to the elements for weeks.  And if I’ve visited a sale or flea market (which is an addiction of mine), I usually have some interesting papers from old packaging, letters, magazines, which I love to work with.

This Work.  

Meet “Emelda” and she is a mixed media work.  I loved seeing her personality evolve with color, paper and marks.  My girls’ names usually float into my consciousness when I’m working.  I’m quite interested in paper faces and found myself looking forward to exploring mixed-media work using my friends and family as models.  Stay tuned family and friends, you just might see your “paper” self on this page in the near future!

Some Personal Stuff.

Since this is my first posting, I thought I’d add a few more “dets” about my art and myself. If we are to be friends, then we should know more about each other, don’t you agree?  My art space is a full-blown, generous former bedroom with walk-out patio, lots of natural light and water supply mere steps from my table, tons of shelving with walks paved with my art and favorite pieces I’ve collected (thank you my darling, doting husband!). I call this space “The Lab”. Calling it a lab means a lot of fearless experimentation, tons of supplies (Some I purchased and have yet to find! Please don’t judge!) and less pressure towards an outcome. Art came into my life when I most needed to heal a severely broken heart.  My world crashed around me with everything I thought true, dashed and broken.  I woke up one day and I began to create art like a fiend.  Every day, I created art.  No matter how busy, no matter my schedule, I HAD to create. Art allowed me to bury my heartbreak into my art. Many days, I wept for hours as I created page after page.  I bought an art journal (Dysart), some used issues of Art Journal magazine, and a book from one of my favorite artists, Pam Carriker, called “Art at the Speed of Life”.  I just love her videos and she seems like the sweetest person ever.  I needed her in my life!  I patiently labored through every single lesson.  At the end of the book, I found I could breathe again.  My art took on a hopeful grace that soothed me and piece-by-piece, I felt my soul warm again.


I also live in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen – the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, in a funky town with so many talented artists that all I have to do is BREATHE the air and I am inspired.  Disclaimer: I am prone to drama sometimes. They say we are influenced by our surroundings and that has certainly proven true for me. My scenery views are incredible and I am so deeply and gratefully fortunate to live here.


Many people ask me what I listen to when I am creating.  O.K. y’all asked and I’m going through a super-honest and truthful time in my life, so….my background ‘noise’ is Netflix.  No apologies either.  Mostly series and less frequently, a few documentaries.  I’ve burned through all the historical series (The Tudors, The Borgias, Reign, etc.) and of course, Mad Men – as long as I’m in my lab, something’s running.  Occasionally, I’ll look up but I noticed, for the most part, I’m just listening.  No subtitles either for obvious reasons.

Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to meeting you soon!  Joyful creating!

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