Recent Artwork (In the beginning….) 11/2/2016


I thought I’d share a ‘beginning’ work with you today.  And tomorrow (drum roll……) I’ll show you the finished product.  I’m so sneaky.  I actually ran home with my treasures (photo above) and greedily cooked up some art as fast as I could and it’s really finished but patience, my darlings, patience.

Anyway, I get a lot of my collage fodder from the streets.  No kidding.  I love using trash in my work.  Pieces weathered by sun, snow and rain are so full of texture.

I live in a town where I can to walk or bicycle anywhere I choose.  And walk, I do – with my head down searching for that perfect collage piece, while keeping my neighborhood clean of litter.  I use good judgement when picking stuff up.  For example, I do pick up fast food trash – with gloves, I’m a germaphobe – but wouldn’t use it in my work unless it was my OWN trash and I do not eat fast food, so……  The picture above is a collection of the treasures I found while walking today.  Sometimes, I like to create a story around what I’ve found.  There’s ALWAYS a story – especially with trash.  Yep, I found all of this cool stuff today, so consider today an extraordinary success!

  • Black plastic coated paper vending machine corrugated cookie liner  (boooyahhh! I love working with this stuff!).  So, the story is someone who was probably not hungry but standing at the counter of our local Gas-up, waiting their turn, and surrendered to the siren call of colorful packaging, grabbed the cookies, and tossed them on the counter.  There’s always a feeling of triumph when one buys and eats a sinful treat and others are none the wiser.  In my other life (marketer) it’s called ‘point of purchase’.  But I’m torn between gratitude to the litterbug and anger they tossed their trash out of the car.      
  • Parking ticket stub (great print on BOTH sides, too) I’m fairly familiar with the parking lots in my town and this parking stub’s origin is a total mystery.  Perhaps someone was multi-tasking, cleaning their car while driving and just decided they no longer needed this stub.  Sigh.  But thanks anyway, distracted person.  
  • Movie stub to The Lobster (which was the most puzzling movie I’ve ever seen and I suspect the person who ditched it on my street felt the same way) Since I’ve never met anyone who’s seen this strange movie that received accolade local reviews, I’m wondering if this was MY trash, that exited the City Rubbish truck’s leaky seams?!  
  • bill/statement where you have to rip and tear three sides in order to get into it.  I suspect someone was opening this mail while driving down my street….while chatting on the phone….and eating a package of Gas-Up cookies….while disciplining their children in the back seat and applying lip gloss.  

So tomorrow, my darling art friends, I’ll share my finished piece with you AND tell you a little about my creative collage process.  Wishing you a creative day full of inspiration.

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