Recent Artwork + How-To-Collage 11/4/2016


I promised you a finished product, didn’t I?  Here it is!

I just love to find trash I can work collage wizardry with and here’s what yesterday’s “Cinderella Trash” became.  Find your own trash and work magic.

  1. Choose  a substrate.  I use a heavy watercolor paper.
  2. Lay out your papers.  I added some of my never-ending supply of ephemera to my treasures found on yesterday’s walk (see Blog post 11/3/2016).  I don’t tear or cut into them until a pleasing design begins to emerge.
  3. I roughly use Crystal Neubauer’s explanation of designing by splitting the paper into thirds.  Sometimes it feels right and sometimes I break every single rule.  Here I sort of considered the ‘thirds’ with the lightest colored paper on the top third of the piece.  The rest approximately 2/3 of the space.
  4. I glued everything down and then added my ‘marks’ to bring stuff forward to back, depending on what I wanted to showcase (the hand-written part of the letter in the center).
  5. Using charcoal to shadow and outline and then a good old finger to blur, some white and green acrylic paint to add some color and interest, India ink blobs, water soluble crayons.

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