New Artwork Inspiration – TRASH! 11/14/2016


Scored some trash on a walk through my neighborhood today!  This little incredible inspiration found in front of New Belgium’s new brewery site.  Mixed feelings about this beauty getting away from a careless trash hauler….but their shame and my luck!  My heart quickens every time I walk past it in my ‘lab’.  I wanted to shoot the pic in my hands so you could register scale, but alas, Michael wasn’t home when I posted today’s find, so….you’ll have to settle with my floor as a backdrop.

The whole piece is an exciting multi-dimensional 26″ long x 14″ wide and a fluffy 5″ high. I have to clean it a bit.  Nothing drastic, just a bit of shaking outside to release sand and surface dirt and of course, a wisp of white sage smoke to release anything untoward that might be attached.  The texture is so luscious, the weathered cardboard underbelly, nothing short of thrillingly flexible.

What to do y’all think?  Collage, definitely, perhaps married with some vintage ephemera, right-o.  Any ideas, thoughts, encouragement?  As always, I’ll try to play with it today but promise to show you what I’ve done and tell you how I did it by Friday.  Can’t wait to show you!


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