TRASH to ART – new artwork 11/16/2016


6 x 6″
“Reborn” by Carol A. More

Here is what I made from some of the trash I posted on a few days ago.  I’m adding the original “treasure” I picked up along the road during a recent walk and few other pics to show you the process I used to create the finished piece.  Although…are we ever really FINISHED with a piece of collage?  Nope.  Suffice it to say, this is where I stopped last night.  I’ll leave it hanging around my art ‘lab’ in natural light and maybe see something I missed.  Ahhh, the beauty of collage, right?


So this is what I found on the road in front of the New Belgium Brewery, downhill from where I live.  It’s pretty large so you’ll see it again and again in my upcoming artwork.  I was so giddy when I saw what it was.  Truth told, I struggled with it in this finished piece.  I ended up using the weather patterned underside and just pulled apart a few of the honeycombs and rolled them up.  Give me time, my friends, and I’ll come up with more.


Then I re-purposed an old cradle board collage – one of my earliest works by pulling off some of the raised papers and sanding it down a bit, but I love texture beneath paint and paper so didn’t work too hard.  Glued down dictionary pages for a smooth surface and repainted the edges black.  By the way, the piece I covered up was made during a very difficult life transition from corporate sales and marketing career to full time yoga teacher.  Once I created distance from the job and had time to breath, my emotional ‘eyesight’ improved dramatically and so I blasted the corporate culture that gave me so much (ability to retire early) and took so much away (my soul, at least temporarily).  I created the piece with lots of ranting words on the back, front and sides, purging years of frustration!  I love how art heals.


Then I was ready to collage some other ‘found’ things.  I added book canvas, part of an old handwritten letter from WWII, clip art, charcoal, markings, paint, gold leaf and voila….my new artwork.

By the  way, part of the time I was working on “Reborn”, I was streaming a documentary on cats called “Lion in your Living Room”, so smiling the entire time which cancelled out any negative vibes from the corporate rant!

I’d love to hear about your collage too.  Where do you get your inspiration?  Are you a trash scavenger?  What is your favorite thing that you use in every single collage you create?





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