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FINISHED Trash Collage Art 11/20/2016


ART:  Grief Therapy “Body, Hands, Legs” – Original Art from Carol A. More

6″ X 6″ matted (incl. eggshell mat – not shown in above pic)

$35.00    SOLD

As promised, here’s the finished piece I made from some trash found walking around my ‘hood (reference earlier post).


I started with a 140 lb. 6 x 6″ watercolor paper and glued some scrapbook (also scrap!) paper as well as the found yellowish paper and the nickel wrapper down.  Using the second bottle cap seemed a bit redundant so you will see it in another upcoming TRASH COLLAGE, okay?

  1. Sometimes, not always, it takes me a long time to find the perfect layout before the “glue down”, but today, preparing for a funeral service this afternoon, everything fell into place beautifully the first time.  I think it was divine intervention.  The layout is the most challenging part of collage, don’t you think?   I had some old small remnants of text and papers laying around and used them to fill in any ‘holes’.  I think there’s even a VERY SMALL little finger sized piece of black wrapping paper in there!
  2. I use a matte gel medium or YES paste for the heavier ephemera.  Next I sit back and cogitate (THINK) what kind of marks I want to make.  I used a charcoal pencil, some white cassein paint (I truly hope the smell isn’t dangerous because it smells awesomely like perfume!), India ink for the ink blobs, graphite pencil for the circles and crosses.
  3. The “body, hands, legs” text just floated up from the mess on the my lab desk.  I tried to push it aside, but it would have none of that, so I added it because the crisp white background just said “Ahhhh, thanks for the visual relief, Carol”.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who chats with potential collage material.
  4. There was quite a large space on the orange scrap book paper so I remembered I had a nice sized number 5 stamp in my huge collection of art thingies I purchased but rarely remember to use.  I thought the 5 would compliment and draw the eye to the nickel wrapper.  A “2” would also have worked, don’t you think?

Happy Collaging!  Until we meet again……maybe week after next.


Carol A. More
Collage Recycler of Trash



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