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New Art “Trash” COLLAGE Challenge 11/20/2016


Found Trash to Convert to Collage Art

This week was a bit sad and chaotic as we had a very close death in the family and I didn’t do much walking around outdoors.  But when I did get out  yesterday to clear the cobwebs of grief from my head, here are some things I found.  I couldn’t help but feel it was the universe’s way of telling me to return to my usual healing modality – art.

Here’s what I found:

  1. Two AMAZING, gnarly beer bottle caps already flattened and rusty
  2. A wrapper from a “nickel collector” tossed from a car window.  Nickels?  What can you do with a $2 roll of nickels these days?  They don’t fit well into parking meters an would take forever to feed a hungry $1.25 meter around here.  And not very practical at a drive-through window….$2 doesn’t go very far.
  3. Scrap of black lace.  I confess, this piece I picked up with trepidation because I wasn’t packing my rubber gloves on the walk, but….it doesn’t look like it came from anything touching skin, does it?  I did wash it with hand soap when I got home.
  4. Nice, but new-ish, yellow folded paper with an interesting heft to it
  5. And I confess, the partial slip of red headline (far right) I “found” on my art lab floor and it just went nicely with the other detritus.  Please indulge me due to the recent grief.

Stand by as I whip this into a collage and include a few how-did-I-do-its. With the holiday next week (Thanksgiving for those of you across the pond) and settling back into my daily routine, it might take a while or I just might work on it this afternoon before the funeral service.



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