Collage Trash – Found Items – An Artist’s Challenge! 11/28/2016

A sad time for my family with the sudden death of my mother-in-law followed by full family participation of a flu bug….”ick factor” with lots of tears. Nothing like a little art to put things back into perspective and ease through transitions of life.

I spent Thanksgiving in Georgia in my nephew’s brand new home in a development. Walking the neighborhood, I found tons of “interesting” construction trash.  I always feel I need to say how sad I am that trash is out there, but feel a bit empowered when I pick it up and recycle into art. I wonder what the careless, thoughtless litter bug might think of my work……

So here’s my booty this week.  Naturally, I am thinking I will use all of it in several art pieces, because my brain is still a bit tender in recovery over the loss of my beloved mom-in-law of 44 years.  I may not be at my sparkling, creative best but grief and tragedy does tease out some of our more interesting art, I think.


Since I photographed it over my art lab (hosable!) carpet, I’ll give you a little run-down of what’s in the plastic tub:

  1. Bud Light crushed bottle cap (thank you, careless one for tossing it into the street for multi-ton construction vehicle to make it collage ready)

  2. A bone.  Don’t ask.  I am sticking with ‘animal’ as I found it in the dense pine barrens behind my nephew’s house.

  3. #2 with blue painter’s tape.  Somebody’s missing part of their address from something – they didn’t have individual mailboxes, so I’m guessing it’s from a construction site identifying sign.  And the blue tape indicates the sucker didn’t stick the first time and so….creative genius used painters tape.

  4. L = Large scrap.  Somebody got a little somethin’-somethin’ in a large size, huh?

  5. Misc. papers, materials with interesting texture and color – aka, trash tossed upon the wind

  6. Shiny ornament remnant – someone started their Christmas decorating a bit early, wouldn’t you say?  Found on a dead-end (cul de sac) in aforementioned development. Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Metal zig-zag thingy.  My husband knows how this is used in construction, and told me, but….I didn’t care enough to remember, so…it’s going to be art vewwy, vewwy soon…so no matter.

  8. VERY interesting wood scrap from particle board with blue spray paint.  I love working with electric blue and don’t use it nearly enough.  Some of my favorite collage pieces have it embedded.  See below.


Please come back for the finished product and I’ll add a little of my how-to to get you started on your own little masterpiece.  Wishing you peace in all things and grateful for YOU that as artists (and I believe we are ALL artists!) we cultivate peace, one ‘piece’ at a time.


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