Collage · Mixed Media

New Artwork – Redwing, 1. (1/2)


Redwing, 1. (1/2)

8″ x 6″


Y’all have been so super sweet during our time of grieving and I appreciate your kind words.  Your kindness has inspired me in so many ways; first, to try harder to be a kinder person, to others and myself and second, to create some softer art … at least until I figure out what to do with all that construction site detritus (last post) I found at my nephew’s new home.  I PROMISE I will have something for you next week and have just today, been tossin’ stuff together in my lab.  Some drying and pressing time was required before I went any further.

But, Redwing floated out of a gloomy day in WNC, birds being a lovely symbol of hope.  I’ve never had a Redwing visit my art lab, but the little Carolina Wrens are charmingly friendly and totally unafraid of my two indoor cat “boys”, Trevor and Nigel. Their little wet noses pressed against the glass, a mere 7 inches from the wrens…..what must be running through their intelligent little heads?

Redwing, 1. (1/2″) Instructions

  1. Glue ephemera and colored papers to 140 lb. watercolor paper, dry, press flat under a big, fat bag of rice (or more recently, barley)
  2. Birds were a transfer from an overhead acetate sheet using hand sanitizer. Timing is essential.  Not too thin, not too thick; press with spoon back HARD and pull acetate off – voila….MAGIC
  3. Flower and bee were cut from a napkin and affixed with gel medium
  4. Marks:  Graphite, casein paint (the scent of this paint alone makes lab time so pleasant!), watercolor paint, archival ink

As for all my collage and work, includes a complementary AND complimentary mat-ready for your frame.

Happy art-making one and all and again, my heartfelt gratitude for your love and support.  So thankful for everyone!  XOXO






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