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TRASH-2-COLLAGE! 12/5/2016




LBS Collage by Carol A. More

9.50″ x 7.25″ Bookboard

$35*  SOLD

Surprising how it just comes together.  Had a beautiful, but much needed rainy weekend of fresh air and hiking at Pink Beds.  We were alone in the parking lot and on the trail and I smelled bear (you know…the smell of zoo animals?) as we splashed through miles of my favorite trail.  Soaked to the bone (Did you notice I used my found ‘bone’ in this work?), I couldn’t wait to return to my art lab to work on this piece.  Thankfully, the only trash I found – and did pick it up but of course, not for art – was a tampon case.  I mean, really, you’re walking down the most beautiful trail ever and suddenly you say, “Wait a sec, I need to change my tampon and leave the casing on the side of the trail.”  Really?!

I used a cookbook (inside facing out) book cover for the substrate.  Some of my process:

  1. Glued down some old wallpaper (the blue textured piece) to get started; added some old book fabric (brown) that had a little window flap already present, and corrugated paper the old pressed plywood – all of it found recently or a while ago. Had to use YES paste on the wallpaper, book fabric, bone, plastic letter and plywood as gel medium is too lightweight to trust.  Got the red sign letters this weekend at a holiday flea market in WNC.  $.25 each. Normally, I hesitate to pay for collage material but sometimes, well, it’s irresistible to leave behind!
  2. I am loving using sanitizer transfers in my work lately because I need the practice. As a yoga instructor, I see the order of not too tight/not too loose and not too much/not too little product.  Sanitizer tranfers provide the perfect practice between smeariness and broken images.  Oh and patience. You have to walk a fine line between rolling evenly with a spoon back patiently or pulling off the transfer too quickly, aka IMpatience.
  3. Mark Making:  Lovin’ my iridescent antique-like gold paint, some graphite, charcoal, casein white paint.  The dirt is natural.

* Includes a mat if you want one – will match to your color choice as best as possible. Personally, I like it without the mat because of the sturdiness of the substrate, but not judging.


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