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Trash-2-Collage: New Challenge 12/12/2016


Stuck in an intense yoga workshop….

for four days, I had to eat lunch in local restaurants within walking distance of the conference location. No complaints from me, mind you because I knew I’d find fodder for my next trash-2-collage post.

Sometimes I refer to my town as (TR)Asheville because I’ve never seen so much litter. It’s like stepping back in time 40+ years before the litter campaigns nudged people to public shame for littering.  Such a lovely place to live, but such disrespect and lack of appreciation.  It stymies me.

  1. California Wine box scrap – this really turns me on!
  2. Couple of wrist bands we didn’t have to wear from the Asheville Pinball Museum.  BTW, $15 for unlimited play on the many pinball machines.  I loved the old-school ones the best because they required the most skill but the sound effects on the GhostBuster machine were addicting.
  3. A little piece of a plastic measuring thing-y.  Loved the starkness of the black and white.
  4. The salted caramel packaging.  Seriously, you ATE salted caramels which require a sophisticated palate and then you threw the empty package out your car window? Stunned by trashers of my town.
  5. A little old ‘blouse stud’ package with a few little studs on it from my fave antique shop in town – also visited on my long lunch time during the conference.  And…drum roll please….$.25.  Yep.
  6. Composition book – $3 at the same shop but could use the yellowed lined papers forever in millions of collage.  Normally I don’t spend that much, but I was feeling fanciful on my last full day of study.  What the heck….

I am really looking forward to working with this trash on a sort-of bright note.  Two weeks after my mother-in-law’s sudden death, my father-in-law is struggling with a broken heart.  A broken heart is finally recognized in the allopathic medical world (we have always known it’s real in the complementary medicine world, huh?).  Doctors state that the heart is hurting so badly that it becomes enlarged and can be fatal.  70 years together, he doesn’t want to go on without her.  Pieces and parts, fine two weeks ago, are slowly failing.  So off again my husband went to say his goodbye.  Bless his broken heart – two parents in less than a month at Christmastime. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

No surprise my color choices for my collages are bright red and include shattered and confusing patterns. I know this is all part of the circle of life and that’s why I’ve included one of my fave bloggers, ephemeralgecko’s recent posting of Toni Morrison’s quote.  I love Toni’s work and have read everything she’s ever penned and this quotation – while intended for the politically dissatisfied (and who isn’t, really) among us, can also apply to the artist within us all.  Thank you, ephemeralgecko, for your continued inspiration. Much love to all.

Stay tuned for my wizardry with the above stuff…..



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