Collage · Collage - From Trash

Trash-2-Collage “Remember Me” #7



“Remember Me”

Carol A. More
9″ x 6″


Alone for a few days….

I had plenty of time to dive into some artwork.

Super inspired by so much sweetness from y’all, I did a bit of heart therapy, using some of the trash I found last weekend.  Remember all this stuff?


I used all but the wristbands and the vintage blouse studs (I wanted to make sure they had a position of honor and had shouts from some of the other trash to take center stage, but watch for them to appear in an upcoming trash-2-collage piece) from the pinball museum visit last week.

Listening to favorite holiday muzak while working, enveloped in pine scent from my new soy candle, and resting in the love from friends like y’all, I move forward.  HEART-felt gratitude for all your kind words.

Happy Art-making!

*Includes a mat to complement the art


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