Broken Hearts – Collage 12-19-2016

carol-a-more-artist-broken-heart-blog carol-a-more-artist-broken-heart-12-2016

Faced with so much life-ending emotions these days, I yearned to return to my sweet collage faces and the color RED for a broken heart.

Inspired by a fellow (and favorite) blogging artist’s comforting words of life’s rhythms: the light and dark of life is like the light and of art, this is where I landed.  No special materials, just a bunch of stuff I had laying around my lab.

A bit of my how-to:

  1. Covered 140 lb. watercolor paper with some bargain scrapping paper
  2. Sketched my faces on a battered Rudyard Kipling book page and tried to us a limited palette.  Gray and white on the left and Payne’s Grey and white on the right.
  3. Sketched the hearts on book pages, painted and cut apart (left) then glued onto the page.
  4. I love using hostess napkins glued tissue paper thin to leave a burst of color and transparency showing some of the background.  And those of you who’ve followed me before KNOW I LOVE TO CUT THINGS OUT!  LOVE it.  Soothing and relaxing. Only thing better is using my hole puncher!
  5. Cut out some words to describe my feelings and called it a good day. A really good day.

This was a good day, one that brought tears to the surface: death comes after birth. My in-laws lived peaceful, simple, kind and generous lives for over nine decades and my mother-in-law lived a good life up to the minute she had a stroke that pushed her into death one and one-half days later, after celebrating her 70th wedding anniversary.  Daddy is suffering without her and I’m happy to say there’s a bit more life left after my husband drove back home to visit.  While Daddy hasn’t seen the “sunshine” yet (and may never see it) he is living one day at a time.  It brought back so many thoughts as to what WE want vs. want HE wants.  I know he can’t live forever, and the human will so very strong – but maybe all I pray for is that every day he arises from his bed, he feels a bit better, a bit stronger, grateful for anything.  How many days should I pray for like that?  As many as (I believe in) God sees fit.

He had a good day yesterday in physical and occupational therapy and is eating meals again.  He is surrounded by people who BELIEVE in him. To watch someone grieve at that deep and despondent level is new for me and has been and will be a source for much art to come.  So thank you my blogging friend for reminding me of the rhythms of life.  And thank you to all who have sent their loving energy.  I can feel it.



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