“Choose” Recycled Collage

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday & Happy New Year!  


Collage – 2016

Artist: Carol A. More

This has been one wild, confusing, exciting, hopeful, discouraging year, hasn’t it?  After a few ‘turns around the block’, I’ve learned to never given up hope.  Never.  Hope: My father-in-law is finally being discharged from the hospital after deciding he didn’t want to live any longer following the sudden and shocking passing of his wife of 70 years.  Not to dwell, but all we want for him is to be safe, warm, nourished and at ease.  The light has crept back into his sad eyes and there have been teeny-tiny improvements every day. We’ve decided not to rally him to live longer (he’s a pretty sharp and healthy 96 until falling into the pit of grief) but wishing him ease – no longer asking “How are you today, Daddy?” but instead telling him we are here for him 100% and letting him talk about what he wants to talk about, sometimes content just listening to each other’s breathing over the phone. It’s hard as many of you know. Very hard.

So my artwork follows (thanks to the pivotal and comforting words of my blogger friend, Claudia McGill) the light and dark of life rhythms. I’ve captured the hopefulness and the hopelessness of my work.  Even with Mercury in retrograde – let it all flow….and flow it did with “Choose” a play on words for ‘Shoes’ (which are to die for, aren’t they?)  As you ease into 2017, may you CHOOSE to embrace the light and dark of everything.  CHOOSE order.  CHOOSE chaos.  CHOOSE a lifestyle.  CHOOSE peace or excitement.  Choose to clean those closets, paint those shelves, try new foods.

CHOOSE to make 2017 a lively, hopeful and interesting year. CHOOSE to ask for what you want and CHOOSE to hold your head high. Love and blessings and good health to you all.


8 thoughts on ““Choose” Recycled Collage

  1. Thank you for your mention. I can’t tell you how much it means to me right now, having some lights and darks of my own at the moment, to know something I said stayed with you. And I love the “choose” concept – it is something I have tried to remember myself as I go along – that I have options, all the time. I also love the shoe theme, although I have to say that for me, shoes, well, I don’t notice them! But I have several friends who do, and this made me smile. Thank you.

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    1. I’m laughing over the shoe comment, Claudia. I am wondering about my past foot torturing non-sensible shoe CHOICES. My feet have traveled far enough on this wonderful earth to have earned a rest from painful fashion. Speaking of comfort: And while we may never know when something we say can give another comfort and peace – know your comment did just that for me. You said the right thing at the right time. Sending you light and love for your own light/dark moments.

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