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“Lingerie”- A collage how-to



Collage +Oil pastels, soft pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, graphite, acrylic paint on paper

Carol A. More


Fessing Up

Honestly, I have been working on my cold wax + oil pieces from last weekend’s workshop. Although I fessed up in my last post that I sometimes have difficulty stopping on a piece, I don’t believe I do. I was trying to be funny. I usually know when to stop….sometimes, and I have been accused of over-working before. Most recently, in last week’s workshop. Feelings are still a bit hurt over it.

This piece was challenging…

Probably because it took so long. I already know I work best when I don’t overthink something. I started out, with inspirational help from an untitled piece by Melinda Tidwell. I love her use of natural colors with a mere suggestion and splash of something bright. This little geometric piece forced me to SLLlooooowwwwww down. With all my supplies – (I mean, just look at the supplies used in the piece above – Holy COLOR, Batman!) I had to really think about values. My head hurts.

The best part of finishing a piece….

…is bestowing a title upon it. I’ve talked with artists who belabor this part; waiting for it to arise while in progress, or coming to them in a dream, or standing in front of a mirror peering through one closed eyes, or naming it the first thing they see when they finish the piece, or picking from a list of thematic suggestions. I’ve done ALL of those things. But this time, “Lingerie” felt classier than “A-cup, B-cup, C-cup, D-cup”.

Wishing you a lovely day full of creativity and grace.

How to:

  1. I used an assortment of scrap papers to cut out squares and half squares, then a large washer I found on the side of the road fit perfectly within the 2.5″ squares, so…I traced a few circles. Vintage ephemera would be lovely, too?
  2. Cut some squares and circles in half for interest and under paint them in your pallette (I used neutrals of warm white, turquoise, raw sienna, black, white and overpainted a few pieces or squares with craft-grade metallic gold.
  3. Underpainted the 140 lb watercolor paper using varied colors
  4. Pasted some of the half squares and circles into the squares on the substrate
  5. Embellished with charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, soft pastels, etc.
  6. Sprayed with fixative (outdoors, mind you, the fumes aren’t safe to breathe) between raindrops in Western North Carolina



5 thoughts on ““Lingerie”- A collage how-to

    1. I noticed! And thank you, Evelyn. There is something about them … circles…perhaps it’s symbolic of our world today. Everything is quite ‘circular’ at the moment – chaos-y, historic lessons returning full circle, spirals of confusion, a place of protection or just a relaxing shape. I vote for the last one!

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