Collage+Watercolor+Mixed Media


“Forget Boys”

Carol A. More
Collage, Watercolor, Acrylic Ink, Drawing Pen on Watercolor Paper 

8″ x 8″

I’m constantly inspired by my fellow art bloggers and this piece was born from all the lovely and recent drawings and other work by Claudia McGill & Her Art. If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, you’re missing some super creative stuff. Other faves of mine: Evelyn Flint Art and memadtwo,method two madness and brand new for me to follow, mazartly. Receiving their thoughtful posts is a highlight of my day/week/month and I have to confess – I am never at a loss for artistic inspiration because of their generous shares.

Not much to say for this piece other than I was messing around in my art lab. I needed some color to erase all the political rantings (yes, I indulged one of my own) on Facebook from my mind. If you follow me already, you know I’m a scissor fiend and the most relaxing thing in the world is to cut something out. So I cut out the two girls and the little boy’s floating heart and CeCe’s umbrella. Watercolor, a bit of ink and some flirty black lines. Evelyn Flint is rolling out some stencil work using a velvety ‘indigo’ color that I find super-interesting…stay tuned.

Thank you, my fellow creative bloggers for your most generous and flourishing inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Collage+Watercolor+Mixed Media

  1. Lovely work Carol! I love the colours you’ve used here – the blue and yellow contrast beautifully. Thank you for including my blog among your favourites – I will make sure I check out the other blogs you mention – I’ve written them down… !

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