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Collage: “Beloved”


11 x 7 1/2″
Acrylic on watercolor paper, collage, damaged screen section


So, been a while since I posted something. Lots of good reasons which at first I thought I wouldn’t mention but then I figured it might entertain you. Studying for my Ayurveda Health Counselor exams which are mostly in Sanskrit and well, it’s like learning a new language PLUS an enormous amount of theory and practice. Taking them next week so dreaming of reading what I want to read when I arise at the crack of dawn with a strong cup of java in hand. Also, stressed over a few deadlines, teaching my regular classes and scheduling workshops.  Oh and toss in a side order of switching blog templates (duh, duh DUHHHH) and trying to get my Yoga, Ayurveda and More website going so I can begin to take consultations post-exams and….POW!  Inhale – exhale = ART. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I buried myself in my art lab on a rainy afternoon and worked on “Beloved”.


1. greatly loved; dear to the heart
2. a person who is greatly loved

I had recently argued with a sibling who told me I wasn’t ‘lovable’ (full disclosure: she listed all the reasons WHY I was unlovable). My anger rose in fury over her comment. More than smarting from the insult, I felt manipulated. I wanted to laugh (not because it was funny, because it wasn’t, it hurt alot) but that she even thought she had the power to tell me I was unlovable. We are always and will always be 1) enough and 2) worthy of love – even if it’s only from our own heart. Most of you know, that a few times a year, I ‘upload’ through my dreams, new perspectives, insights, and visions during sleep. It’s how I began to create my art 5 years ago – just woke up and began to create like a fiend. But my recent spring upload upon rising one morning, was perfectly timed:  I felt super calm, clear and refreshed to know I am and will always be worthy of love. No conditions, no reasons or accomplishments, no excuses. I am love. And so are you. Have a “beloved” day.


6 thoughts on “Collage: “Beloved”

  1. This is beautiful! I’m thinking of taking Art & Design next year and I believe you’ll be on my list for inspiration. Aside from the masterpiece, your words are truly powerful and moving. You should consider writing some motivational pieces sometime. Keep the spirit up!


    1. THANK YOU! That’s wonderful news about your contemplating moving into art & design – the sky is the limit and it’s the best way for us to ‘fly’ … from our creative soul into our art. Art is always first, a gift to ourselves and then it’s a bonus if others appreciate it too, right? So nice we are connected!

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