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Spring Fever: Easter Hunt Eggs


Donated eggs to this year’s Penland School for the Arts Egg Hunt (aka as an Egg Fight!)
L to R: Hil Yeah! (Hillary), George Washington (the famous $1 bill pose), Humpty’s son, Hump (back row), Humpty’s daughter, Humpette perched on french Boule stand, Frida of course (foreground), TRUMPTY (I crack myself up – get it? Trumpty?) and ghoulish bloodshot eye (so I was getting tired at this point, don’t hate)

OK, so it’s not my usual collage, mixed-media project.  But it was just as fun. Every year a nearby art school hosts the best Easter egg hunt. Penland School for the Arts has an annual egg hunt on its breathtaking mountain property, allowing the public access to the arts and crafts buildings where artists demo their crafts. Oh, and worth getting up early for…. one of the best kick-butt breakfast buffets ever.  First things first: eat your fill. Next is the Easter bonnet contest for children and adults. Then the “Egg Race”. The rules are simple….and ignored. Bring an egg in your craft and take ONLY one; even if you find several, take one. Most hunters don’t bring an egg and most keep whatever they find.

I’ve been woefully unlucky at these annual hunts. The first year, we had a strategy (being in good physical shape) to outrun the crowd to the far reaches of the hunt area and double back, snagging multiple eggs. I walked and pouted away without one single egg. The second year, smarter this time, we just ran blindly up a mountain with the goal of getting once each. Backfired again and walked away with sore shins.  Michael’s a bit luckier and has good ‘egg’ eyes. He’s able to sift through last fall’s leaves, poison ivy and tree limbs to score a beauty or two. It’s a lesson in letting go for me. I know Michael will find two and share one with me.

Humpty WEBSITE 2016

MISSING: Super Humpty from 2016 – Where you at little buddy?

Last year, I made Super Humpty. My dear friend, Chris Coyle, a talented origami artist, gifted me her giant, wooden (10″ tall and about a 12″ circumference) egg after cleaning out her ‘magic’ closet. We do that to each other often – dumping the contents of a now-cleaned out closet on the other’s porch and running away before we are caught. I had too much fun making him – added Bratz doll arms and legs (another friend gave me 17 dolls after deciding they were not the best role models for her daughters) and handpainted this big guy. I made him a see-through plastic raincoat because it poured the entire day of the hunt. Before the hunt, the artists’ eggs are displayed on long tables, handled, dropped, exclaimed over and ogled by the crowd; then volunteers gather the eggs and while the crowd is distracted watching the bonnet parade and the children’s egg hunt under the volleyball net, they hide the ‘adult’ eggs in and around the school’s historic buildings. That’s the last we saw of Humpty. He disappeared into thin air, i.e., probably the back seat of someone’s car. After the ‘race’, it’s tradition to show everyone what you found and maybe even meet the artist, but Humpty was a ‘no show’. We suspect with all the complaints (after all, he was THE biggest egg last year and pretty difficult to miss) and collective shouts of “Who found Big Humpty Dumpty?” from the hunters, that he found a home long before someone “found” him if you get my drift. Rules in North Carolina are treated as ‘recommendations’ and rarely followed. I hope he’s happy wherever he is. I picture him living a peaceful and solitary life in a hobbit house in the mountains, hunting for game and reading by the fire.

This year, I scaled down a bit and brought some wooden 3-and 4-inchers and had a blast, replicating Big Bro Humpty of 2016, just in the smaller size. We have a must-be-followed rule in our house, mandated because of two highly productive artists under-roof;  if you bring something home, something else has to go + 1, so I painted them all up to donate to the hunt next Saturday. Now, I have to find one more thing to boost from my art lab to be in compliance….so difficult to choose.

Dear talented and sweet friends who have added joy to my life with your own blogs:

Happy Easter, Happy Passover to those who celebrate, and to those who do not, happy spring, season of fresh starts. May your new beginnings bloom and grow beyond your wildest dreams. Much love to you all for your support and good wishes and perpetual and generous sharing of your own heARTs.  I’m so glad I found you! XOXO

Carol A More, Artist


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