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Collage Express – aka HUMILITY!


Collage on a book cover 6″ x 4″
Carol A. More, Artist

So, this posted collage has absolutely nothing to do with what I want to tell you. Nothing whatsoever.

It’s true … and false at the same time

I’ve been feeling a bit intuitive lately about a couple of 3-D art pieces I mailed away for an art call. In fact, I was wondering where the heck they were – it’s been 6 months since I mailed them in. Feeling a bit bruised they were not chosen for a magazine article and mumbling that it was their loss but at the same time, FEELING A BIT SHAKEN UP CONFIDENCE-WISE. Here we go again with the acceptance piece and putting our MY success into another’s hands; defining our MY happiness by the thoughts, opinions and attitudes of others. Along comes an e-mail late last night. My work had been chosen for a magazine publication! I only had to submit my 100 word essay on the source of my inspiration and WOW, I can say I was published!

Running through the house to find Michael to tell him the good news, I stopped halfway between floor one and three….wait a sec here….WHAT PIECE WAS CHOSEN?  Folks, I’m here to bare my soul to you…I hadn’t even kept a photo of the pieces I submitted. Months ago. It took me two days to complete the paperwork, wrap the piece safely, take it to the parcel drop, racing to make deadline. And that doesn’t even count the many hours, days, weeks, it took to complete these pieces and…I had no record of them. No photos, no drawings, no scans….nada. I can’t believe it. I’m a photo-phobe, no doubt about it. I snap pics of everything and anything. I’m a wizard with a cheap point-and-shoot and some of my $200 Casio shots can still be seen on the downtown Cleveland, Ohio lakeside Jumbotron.

Humbly, I responded to the mag editor that I had several pieces ‘out there’ and could she kindly verify which would be in the September issue?

Humbled once again

I take my art seriously and I expect others to do the same. But here I sit, having NO idea which piece was selected. How serious can I possibly be taken?! Yes, I’ve learned my lesson – photos, photos, photos. And a special file on my computer for submitted art. I have two more pieces (assemblage) in the queue to wrap up and mail. And I promise when the piece is published in September, I’ll scan and post. Lord have mercy on my scattered, less-than-confident.



4 thoughts on “Collage Express – aka HUMILITY!

  1. First of all, love the dancers in your illustration collage. It has me dancing in echo.
    I’ve never heard of submitting an actual piece…I always submit photos. Will they return them? But also, congratulations!
    Even with photos, it’s hard to keep track. I can never figure out where they are in the maze of folders on my computer…(K)


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