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A pear…charcoal, watercolor, pastels – in that order

Pear Study CMore watercolor pastel charcoal 2017 001WEBSITE Ready

Pear Study
Carol A. More
Charcoal, watercolor, pastels on sized Stonehenge paper
8″ x 6″


All good things must end…..

I was so sad to receive news that my drawing teacher, Paul, would be taking a few months off to prepare for two important shows this fall. Yes, I pouted and yes, I selfishly expressed my opinions of his leaving me in the midst of the most fun I’ve had in ages.  A key tenet in yoga is impermanence – nothing stays the same. I advise my students, “…if you’re sad, just wait and if you’re happy…wait”.  Driving home, excited to post my ‘pear’, I promised myself I’d practice 2 hours (at the same time I would have taken my drawing lessons). I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. I try to practice drawing something a few times a week with just graphite and eraser – portable and I have even drawn a (yes, just one, let’s keep things simple!) weed on the side of the French Broad River and loved every minute plein aire!  I’m thinking of drawing more than just fruit – how’s that for a lofty goal? Working on a flower (ha!) now.  Although, I do love drawing things that hold still, don’t rot or change colors.  I also am a pretty crafty photographer with a cheesy point-and-shoot camera and oftentimes take a photo of something that made me laugh and this ranks right up there. Check out this one rubber slip-on I found today in a mall parking lot.  Maybe a future drawing subject with a story of how it got there?

Cinderella's rubber slipper carol a more 2017

Sassy pear with a ‘tude or what I saw

This little pear was drawn with charcoal, then watercolors to define the shadows only and then pastels over the watercolors. I had such a wonderful time working with materials I have never tried before. Paul also drew and painted the same pear(s) while I struggled, but it wasn’t a struggle at all. I felt like I was flying, freer than I have ever felt before. Paul’s were of course, very realistic but I wanted more of an ‘acid’ quality to mine. A sassy pear with a ‘tude. True to Paul’s kind and supportive teaching style, his comment when I stood my ground was …”of

course, most fruit colors are realistically ‘acid’ colors to the human eye.” This pic below was taken a week after I drew and painted the watercolor shadows. This week, I added the pastel colors. They had been sitting in a warm studio for a week, so the colors became more interesting.

Wishing you all a lovely CREATIVE week and thank you for your comments and support. You truly are the wind beneath my wings (sorry for the cliche, but…it fits doesn’t it?)

5 little over-ripe pears all in a row – I drew the middle one

10 thoughts on “A pear…charcoal, watercolor, pastels – in that order

  1. YES, Evelyn! Shame on him for trying to make a living by making art. I admit to whining about it even though I knew I was the selfish one. It’s the universe’s way of telling me to practice on my own….we’ll see how that works out! To be continued……

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  2. The pear’s shadow has a lot of personality on it’s own. I like a shadow that expresses itself.
    I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with drawing every day too. Let’s hope you have better luck! (K)


  3. Thank you, Kerfe. I have never drawn before – ever so it’s pretty new and fun for me. Trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my artwork though? You both do a pretty good job of it and I appreciate the inspiration from your posts.


  4. Deliciously luminous with an ethereal quality. I like your pear way more then the “middle one” they look like a line up of suspects! I hope the momentum of your process keeps you painting , or unless it turns out to be a pause for you too, the universe will decide and all will be for the best. (Except I like seeing your art, so for selfish reasons I’d like you to carry on!!)


  5. Thank you, Mixy! Still struggling how to incorporate my drawing into collage/mixed media. When I was working on the pear, I recall feeling a bit irritated at the brashness of the lighting set up and so, true to form, I ‘acted out’ a bit by selecting those acidic colors. Sneaking a peak at Paul’s pear which was colored more realistic, I felt satisfied I’d claimed my right to color mine sassy! I am starting to question my issues with authority. ha ha ha! Thank you for your comments which are so interesting and entertaining.


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