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Drawing Class: Tomato Study August 2017

Heirloom Tomatoe charcoal watercolor pastel carol a. more 08 2017 001Website

Heirloom Tomato

Love drawing things that do not move, ever. I first saw this tomato in Earth Fare Market sitting on top of a mound of ordinary looking toms – priced at $4.49 a pound. It felt like going to the animal shelter with all the dogs calling ‘pick me, pick me’. How could I NOT purchase this for the sake of art? And….believe it or not, it weighed exactly one pound. The stares endured while I handed over a $5 bill for ONE tomato…the most piercing from my husband. Not taking any chances since it was on the edge of being overly ripe, I used my iPhone camera to preserve it forever. Good thing, because within one day, it had those ‘spots-of-death’ all over and … insult to insult… it tasted horrible.  Oh well. And the photo below was candidate for drawing #2. Can you see why I paid $4.49 for candidate #1?


The Process

One of my drawing classes included learning to size and color paper in preparation for drawing. Paul heated up rabbit skin glue (no, I never asked if it really WAS rabbit skin because I was afraid of the answer) on a little two-burner and then we used Asheville’s own Hi-Water Clay powder mixed in. I experimented with a large house painting sized brush to get texture and some of the dark streaks you see here.

The Process Continued and I’ve Lost Interest

The next week, paper dried and pressed flat, I drew my tomato from the photograph (the tomato now buried deep in the compost pile of my back yard) in charcoal lightly, then watercolored (is this a verb?) the shadows only. Once dried, using pastels much like my pear study on the earlier post, colored everything in. I really wanted a brighter orange/yellow on this clay colored paper, and worked tirelessly for days but….I know when to throw the towel in…which by the way is usually one full breath away from success…and just stopped. As we used to say in the corporate world, walking out the door 2 hours before official quitting time, “I’ve lost interest”. That one always got a laugh.

Since I am very new at drawing and without my regular art classes for support, I floundered with the highlights and caved in and used acrylic paint and little casein white to pop them. Have mercy on a new artist too nonsensical to be embarrassed to post her work.

Until next time, my friends. Happy art and happy life.



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