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3D Artwork Published in Somerset Studio Sept/Oct 2017

Somerset Studio September October 2017 1 of 4 001

Latest 3D Artwork Published!

I submitted my 3D artwork after a call for Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children-inspired work. Have you read these books by Ransom Riggs? Sidenote: Her very mysterious cool name has inspired me to come up with something catchy for my Etsy shop! Or perhaps I can adopt a ‘blog name’.  Anyway, the book: Think Harry Potter, P.D. James and cleverly disguised teen literature all wrapped into one book. The photos in the book are nothing short of amazing and the story line intriguing and believable, in my opinion. Anyway, I received a response that my work would be published in the Sept/Oct 2017 Somerset Studio issue and of course, I was thrilled…and a bit shocked. If you recall, I had submitted art for a few calls from this wonderful, inspirational magazine and when I received the e-mail, I had absolutely NO idea which piece was selected. And…I hadn’t kept a photo or scan of my work, which must have been a very bumble-headed day for me, because I ALWAYS photo or scan my work. Except this one time.


Found-on-the-side-of-the-road Elements

I responded to the e-mail with a few questions and discovered with tremendous relief, it was this piece as show in the pics. Whew. That was a close one. I figured the piece would be featured in the back of the magazine where 3-4 pieces of art would share one page, but…when the magazine arrived, I had been given three full pages but….only half my art was featured. I totally respect their decision to publish only the left side of this super large, leather-bound (faux of course) cabinet card (although I am curious why that happened), and when my piece returns home, I’ll photograph the entire piece so you can see it in its entirety.  Maybe the right side of the card was a bit freakier than what the magazine felt comfortable publishing. It was a little dark….I admit. It was super fun to make, took forever because of the pressure that it could be chosen for publication, and true to my trashy, collage-y roots, there are many ‘found on the side of the road while walking through my neighborhood’ elements used.  The old ripped up screen piece. What a find that rascal was! I’ve been pretty stingy in using it and still have a nice size piece left.Somerset Studios September October 2017 4 of 4 001

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Pressure. Pressure Who?

The pressure of being published, like the pressure of entering an art show and being chosen by a jury….uh….is a bit overwhelming. I am putting lots of pressure on myself to come up with something bigger, more clever, more technical, blah, blah, blah. The week after I heard this piece would appear in Somerset Studio magazine – for the first time EVER – I had the dreaded creativity freeze. I’d read about them, heard about them, feared someday it would happen, but had NEVER experienced one, until now. Clearly it’s self-criticism rearing it’s ugly head and the next week, I slowly edged back into daily work, when I reminded myself that my art is me. It’s personal and relevant. Inhale/exhale. Be genuine, be authentic, be yourself. And, I’m actually finishing another 3D oversized piece with tons of collage that I’ll share after I put the finishing touches on it.

Happy art-ing everyone and thanks for following my blog. I can feel your support, inspiration and kindness.


10 thoughts on “3D Artwork Published in Somerset Studio Sept/Oct 2017

  1. What a wonderful thing! I adore your bunnies, and would be fascinated to visit the world they inhabit!
    I love that your art is recognised and seen by a bigger audience. Here’s to the next exciting chapter in your art-ing 😘

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you, Mixy! Yes, the lighter-than-air bunny sisters are quite friendly but love to explore treetops. Can’t wait to get the piece back and post the entire thing. The other side of the card….the brothers, Mike and Ike have the loveliest amphibious octopus legs! And being recognized does feel satisfying and a bit challenging all at the same time. Thank you for the good wishes too, your kind words mean so much to me.


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