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Collage “Uphill” Carol A. More 2017

uphill collage carol more 2017 001

A series of FORTUNATE events

Lately, suspecting it has something to do with the energy from living nearly in the totality band of the recent eclipse, life has been a series of wonderfully small fortunate events. Peruvian shamans, Navajos, Cherokees believe that the eclipse is the start of something ‘different’ – and it can be a time of fortunate or unfortunate events.  Remembering what you were doing during the last eclipse (March 2016) and tracking to the present – what is coming to an end or starting? I suddenly had the urge to be near water, and in my case, a six hours drive to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s quite the bother to find subs for my regular yoga classes, but BAM, found a wonderful and reliable sub with one text message and of course we have the best, most responsible and pleasant house/cat sitter.

When we arrived at our Inn, our innkeeper immediately upgraded us at no charge, to a large top floor suite that was so quiet, comfortable and yes, wonderful.  Then offered his entire, fully-stocked kitchen for us to prepare our own meals which was heavenly and healthy, since as you already know, as an Ayurveda Counselor, we nourish our bodies every chance we get. Quick trip to the grocery and we were golden. Nearly all the things we did those 5 short days was free because we are North Carolina residents and all parking and state park fees….free. The beaches were uncrowded (those kids are going back to school – perfect timing!) and we collected some lovely shell specimens. It was a lovely break that we didn’t even know we needed.


Grateful for all of my working senses……

Struggle vs. Release

The theme of my collage was struggle vs. release. Life feels uphill sometimes and oftentimes we KNOW it’s difficult and other times we don’t pay attention to all the wonderful things happening every second, minute, day. When things go smoothly, I suddenly realize there had been some struggle in the days leading up to my release. Leads to the second part of this diatribe: Letting Go.  Living Consciously. Being vs. Doing. Ahhhh…..All sounds good in yoga class until you embrace it and allow life to flow. And gratitude (getting too sappy here?) I felt, cherishing every broken shell, seeing graceful texture in all. The wonderment was overflowing.

IMG_1436Loving color and texture of the “broken” amongst us

I’ve been looking forward to cutting into my vintage magazines. As you all know, I “struggle” whether to use the original page or scan it to paper and keep the mag preserved. This time, letting go, I heated up my cutting shears and started clipping away. The little girl pushing the rock – a recent birthday card and of course, had to add a sun symbolizing the eclipse.  I also “struggle” with keeping magazine paper from wrinkling but this time, I “let go” of the little kindergartner within (Miss Perfect was my nickname – Ick!) and used the wrinkles to add texture.  Most of you hear me “struggle” overworking a piece to the point of trashing but “letting go”, I omitted any of my signature mark making. Oh, and true to my trashy roots, the substrate is the end of a watercolor pack which worked out wonderfully!


Unspeakable perfection in the less than perfect. We are. 

I don’t wonder if my ‘letting go’ of struggle has led to my lighthearted, happiness lately. And how it will change my approach to making art. So grateful to learn this later in life than never, right?  Ahhhh…..the creativity flows freely and I wish the same for y’all.


14 thoughts on “Collage “Uphill” Carol A. More 2017

  1. A lovely post Carol. I love being by the ocean – I find it so refreshing and soothing to my soul and artistically it’s a huge inspiration. That’s a lovely beach and love the sea shells – they’re wonderful colours…. yellow ochre, greys and umber….. love your collage too – “letting go” of struggle is clearly a good thing…. !

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    1. Thank you, Evelyn. Makes me wonder why I don’t live there full time. I was captivated by the perfection in the brokenness of what was once a living being – the shells. I thought of you and your watercolors while I collected them – feel free to use them as a muse!

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  2. You are so talented! These are beautiful and intriguing, nearly better than holding the real thing. Send me your e-mail address ( and I’ll forward them your way. Can’t wait, Evelyn!


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