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Drowning….Moving: Same thing

Art Blog drawing 10 25 2017 001


Carol A. More – 2017 – Art Journal 


“Escape” – everything’s packed for our move, but I still yearn to create daily, so with limited supplies and some gessoed pages in a cool old book found at Restore, I am amazed how much art can be done! My fingers modeled and my new favorite shore bird, the Snowy Egret (from a photo I took over the salt marsh).  The string felt like I feel – loose, non-binding and floating.

Moving again, bloody fingers

I’ve been underwater for a month now, inhaling days of cardboard box-scented stale indoor air, bandaging bloody fingers from inefficient, serrated tape dispensers, making numerous calls where I’m ordered to Press 1, Press 2, Press 3 to change addresses and connect utilities. I cannot believe I’m doing this again! I swore I wouldn’t do it again and certain my body and my furniture wouldn’t survive another long-haul move….but here I am. 

Energy was all wrong

We moved to the oldest mountains in the world, balanced over deep crystal beds of potent energy and frankly, it was too much for me. Following extreme and radical cancer surgery 21 years ago, energy awareness awakened within me like a freight train. From the moment I arrived in these beautiful mountains, my head buzzed, my ears rang, my sleep interrupted, my energy so high and frantic, I couldn’t hold still. But, I created some of the most amazingly satisfying artwork. My work was first recognized here and for that I’m grateful.

The early decision to move happened 6 months ago after realizing we were in a state with the most extraordinary coastline ever. Missing my beautiful and healing Lake Erie – but not missing the gloomy, frigid winters and constant weather-related headaches – I still mourned the calming presence of water. We decided to visit the coast and well, the rest is history….I felt grounded, calm, slept restfully and continued to create art. Suspicious my well-being was a fluke, we went back again, again, and again “to make sure”. Sold our house in 3 days (it’s super-cool and well, an artist’s home is always interesting!), sold all my visible art to potential buyers of the house and one realtor (I’m still laughing over this unexpected appreciation) and began the inevitable….packing up one’s life.

And so the journey begins

The universe is lovingly holding me against its warm heart….my new home, and the town, has a wonderful history, a small yard (even though I swore off grass and leaves years ago), the riverfront is a mere 10 minute walk, several of the coast’s most beautiful beaches a 40 minute drive, and the TWO most wonderful things of all – a free-standing modest little art studio/lab steps from my back door. The prior owners mended sails there so the storage space is incredible and supplies can fit behind doors (yeah!), unlimited counter space, outlets every 18 inches (!), heated and cooled for year-round occupancy. And I have a garage again.  Little things mean a lot during this time of life.


So as I disconnect for a few more days to organize the movers, settle two cat boys into carriers in the car for the long drive and inhale some much needed fresh air, I’m wishing you the same peace I’m feeling now. May creativity continue to lift you higher than you’ve ever flown before and I cannot wait to see your work again. Love to all my followers and fellow, favorite artist/bloggers! XOXO





7 thoughts on “Drowning….Moving: Same thing

      1. seriously though, I’d love to meet up for reals. And I’d love to take another trip over to the States some time so this could happen! (sun drenched art lab…. ohhh y’know you might have trouble getting me to leave!!!)


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