“Happiness Made” Assemblage by Carol A. More

Happiness made2

“Happiness Made”
Assemblage – Artist: Carol A. More
6″ x 5″ x 4″

So many “Firsts” this year


Starting with a brand new home for us….and it’s not exactly brand new but new for us! Swapping a mountainside home for a home close to the Atlantic Ocean beaches, our 1940s low-country home is perfect and I knew this because every single piece (bar two Italian Lyra stools of which I’ll soon be unattached) of my furniture fit perfectly. Exiting our multi-story mountain “birdhouse” and returning to a more traditional home WITH a detached art studio and garage (I shall never live without one again!), I suddenly realized how convenient move was.


Yes. A first-time ever trip to southern India 3 weeks after the ‘big’ move. It’s a long story and one I’ll milestone with some (chaotic) art soon – I hear you asking the question, “What the hell did you do that for?!” I am an Ayurveda Health Counselor and this trip was a year-in-planning for a Five Elements Pilgrimage/Ayurveda Study with one of my teachers, Indu Arora and her guru, affectionately (and very aptly) named Masi-Ji or Mother. I have so much to tell you about this trip and I’ll say it with art. I have ideas spinning wildly in my head already. And I had amazing travel experiences, too. It’s a beast of a trip as you can imagine but everything went so smoothly (despite all the warnings of Mercury Retrograde), lovingly, comfortably (even flying Economy!) that only a divine hand could have been at play. I was and am truly blessed.


I started this little piece (above) – Happiness Made – the day before I left on my nearly 4 week-long trip to India, Thanksgiving Day. This piece became my travel totem. Using the top half of a craft soap box, paint, papers and pinked-edged fabric (liner), I made a ‘mummy’ of a doll head out of plaster tape. After it dried, I painted it gold (so fortuitous after visiting ancient Hindu temples) and made an umber glaze for visual texture; I then made up a bouquet of old music paper rosettes (burning my fingers repeatedly with hot glue), leaving one rosette red and black. I’ll allow for you to interpret this.


I sold my first piece of artwork at the 2017 juried National Collage Society sponsored show in Chicago! You’re probably rolling eyes but I know you remember your very first piece sold, right? I discovered this good-news sale after I moved, and waking at 2 a.m. one morning panicked about having provided my old address for the piece’s return after the show ended. I was informed it was no longer an issue…I’d sold the piece! This may sound weird, but I wish I knew where it went. I’m sure the purchaser didn’t plan on ‘adopting’ the artist, too, but still, I am curious….

REST & RECOVERY – Never underestimate a good nights’ sleep!

The Ayurveda hospital experience was the very first time I truly and completely rested. The Ayurveda Healing Hospital (Vaidya Grama near Coimbatore) where we received treatment and study practice had only one little tiny spot for wi-fi (we had to apply to purchase 1 hour of wi-fi daily and there was always a waiting queue AND picture about 40 people crammed into an outdoor space of about 10’x 10′!), a not-so-willing prisoner for seven days as we were under doctors’ orders to remain on hospital grounds, no hiking, no sightseeing, shopping trips were scornfully cancelled, followed a strict Ayurveda diet (which was heavenly for me), took herbs, kashayams, churnsa, medicinal wines (trust me, it’s not what you think!), quietude: no TV or music, Ayurveda treatments (I’ll detail later), Hindu prayers twice daily, lectures, incredibly loving therapists, staff and doctors; a lovely roommate from Green Bay, Wisconsin, light reading, and rest, rest, rest. Thankfully, I brought my sketch pad along and filled the hours sketching anything that stood still long enough. Not that this was the point of the visit, but we all lost around 3 kilos (the concept of eating to nourish rather than ‘entertain’). Wow.

I felt my body and mind respond favorably in only 7 days. My thinking clear and calm, with the joy of discovering I could survive without my usual addiction to distraction! There were very brave ‘patients’ who were checked in for 3 weeks (recommended by the doctors) and truthfully, I am not sure I’d willingly sign on for that. Anyway, I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed your delightful spirit of sharing yourselves and your art. As we say in Ayurveda – everything and everyone is connected.  One cannot change one part without affecting the rest…..I am grateful for this change.


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