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Hello Everyone – Published 3D Works


Damn Straight, I Can Fly!

Collage, Mixed Media by Carol More


I’ve been away from my blogging for a while but I haven’t been resting! Moving to a new home in November, traveling to India for a month to continue my Ayurveda studies, ramping up some new yoga classes and creating yoga teacher training programs in my new town, finishing off some major home improvements – an outdoor shower with hot/cold water, I use daily is one project Michael finished this month, PLUS creating art every single day in my new Art Lab steps from my back door and gelling (is that a verb?) some art programs I’m about to teach….well, I only ask your indulgent understanding because I am NOT complaining. I am grateful every single day. And that reminds me, I’m grateful for all of YOU – those whose blogs I follow (see below), those who follow mine…you ALL inspire me and I can’t find the words to sincerely express my eternal gratitude.

Published – Somerset Studio Current Newsstand Issue

My work continues to be published, which is fun. Here’s how it usually goes: I get my mail. OMG! THERE’S THE ISSUE OF SOMERSET STUDIO (!  Run to my lair, cradling the mag across my heart, turn on some baroque classical music (don’t ask…that music fuels my altered state), frantically flip through the pages and (quiet scream so as not to alarm sleeping cats) THERE IT IS! My creation!  Roll eyes heavenward in thanks and do a Snoopy happy dance. Close the magazine, one more heart hug, put it on the shelf and get back to work.

My friend, Marianne (pic below), says it best “You don’t need confirmation that your art is worthy of magazine paper and ink, but how nice that you’re finally getting it!” So if you’re walking past the mag stand, check out Somerset Studio’s pages 120-121. This wondrous magazine continues to be a great source of excitement to me. I marvel that we are blessed with so many uber-creative souls on this earth.

IMG_2816 (1)
My friend, Marianne, visiting with me earlier this year. Another beautiful sunny day on the ocean.

How and what I did here….

Let me share my insider info on the pieces above. First of all, I recycle EVERYTHING. The skirts are jumbo pine cones (incorrectly stated as crumpled packing paper although that’s a pretty keen idea too) found on walks on my street, covered in thin book paper (usually from a little New Testament book which also adds a sweet spiritual secret touch!) and watered down Mod Podge (messy!). Then since I love to create faux finishes with craft paints, I really spend the time to get the skirts just right – several browns used (burnt umber, raw sienna etc.); lots of wiping and striping; the clip art is from my treasure trove. I love to use these ‘Victorian ladies’ (Dover Clip Art) in my artwork and create a little story in my head as I construct the piece. The animals are from my frighteningly serious collection of copyright free Harter’s books I’ve purchased over the years. I paste the ladies on card stock so I can play around with how I want to use them. This project sat on my shelf for weeks before I was inspired to finish them. Shipping was a nightmare – that’s where Michael comes in but I can see damage on the one with the cat and the third one I submitted, my favorite one…didn’t make it in and I pray it wasn’t damaged in shipment.

Listen, if there’s ever a fire, and I only have a few minutes to save ephemera from my lab….the Harter’s books are the equivalent to ‘women and children first’!  My water damaged but perfectly usable Audubon book is next….and then….

Inspirational credits & names – Please check out these fellow bloggers/friends

When asked who my ‘main’ inspiration artists are, how on earth can I choose? I usually start with my blogging art friends, Evelyn Flint, Method Two Madness, Claudia McGill, Lemanshots (photos), Lynne Adorn, Florence and Freddie, and then Lynn Perella, Pam Carriker, L.K. Ludwig, Janice Lowry (R.I.P.)…I could go on and on here. I swear when I see your beautiful work, a fire ignites in my heart and I literally float to my art lab where all sorts of crazy stuff happens!  I catch myself smiling as I work. Please check out their blogs and tell me you don’t agree.

Until next time, my loves….Namaste.


5 thoughts on “Hello Everyone – Published 3D Works

  1. Thank you, Evelyn! I’ve so enjoyed your lovely watercolor works during my non-blogging respite. It’s obvious, you’ve uncovered yet another artistic talent. You’ll be happy to know I have some paper/cloth packets hanging in my garden for a future ‘grunge’ cloth collage I have in mind. I think of you every time I see them!

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