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Bird Medicine – Assemblage 2018

Birds 2018

“Bird Medicine”

16″ x 9″
Collage, found papers, ocean souvenirs, encaustic, gauze in wood
Carol A. More, Artist

A Major Find

….in a local flea market – an old Audubon book! When I negotiated the price, I took into consideration about one-third of the book was water damaged, pages sticking together and evidence of some smelly, gnarly looking mold. We agreed on a price and I took the book home to try and salvage some of it after it dried out. It’s been so humid here that on the second day, examining the drying progress (nil) I noticed the pages were easily separated if I carefully used my bone folder on each page. All 1,175 pages, mind you. My patience paid off…and really, I’m so blessed to have a relaxed and healthy life of art, access to nature, yoga, my Ayurveda practice, well-attended workshops and more, that it was time well spent. Fanning the book after separating each page with MINIMAL damage to my bird friends, the book dried inside in air conditioning within 3 days!

Unattractive disclosure of an assemblage & collage artist

I have hoarded nearly everything I find along my walks, in the street, in shops, out of trash barrels, curbside junk, rusty metal, wire, etc. and consider it a miraculous day when I can use something I actually HAVE instead of running out to buy something else for the pile or project. I’d been shuffling this little recycled ‘drawer’ around for the past 3 moves never quite committing to its use but not wanting to toss it.

How I did this

Using my (yes, part of the little used hoarding pile) plaster strips, I dipped them in water and coated all of the sections of the box. Sticky, drippy and messy – and divinely reminiscent of kindergarten art. The drying time is long – overnight. Then I used glazing techniques I learned in the infamous and creepy Michael DeMeng class for (super fun and quite a science actually!) the interior of each section. Unrelated Sidenote: I purchased his puny ‘glazing ‘deck’ guiltily for $20 since I hadn’t brought $90-125 to the class to purchase one of his scary but highly collectible, Pez dispenser monster do-overs he made while demonstrating techniques for us. DOUBLE UNRELATED SIDENOTE: Am I the only one who guiltily buys something from the teaching artist’s ‘for sale’ table because no one else seems to be purchasing anything?!  I swear, I have bought more art and supplies I never knew I didn’t need! But seriously, I have been using Michael’s glazing paint deck quite a bit lately so I’m near the ‘it was worth it’ breakeven point.

I’m addicted to ‘cutting’ things – I LOVE to cut things out of paper, so soothing. I cut the very finely detailed birds out of my Audubon books, dipped old text into wax, gathered moss, sticks and Spanish moss from my backyard, painted some wooden eggs and tucked and glued all into the box sections.  My ‘heart-shaped’ oyster shell and a perfect ‘imperfect’ broken shell topped it off. ANOTHER COOL FIND! Michael and I added an outdoor shower with hot/cold running water to our backyard (I swear with two exceptions, I’ve used it daily and plan to use it even when it gets cold) and in the selection of the ‘pavers’ underfoot in the shower (a toss up between practical pavers and luxurious polished, smooth black stones) I noticed a plastic webbing that separated the layers on the pallet. I nicked a few of the plastic screen pieces, brazenly carrying them through the checkout and then to my truck and ‘rusted’ them when I got home. A few shades of acrylic browns, a bit of unbleached titanium and it really looks like a rusty piece of wire – without risk of snagging skin or clothing!

Happy art everyone. Until next time….










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