Hurricane Florence – We survived it


Nature’s Sacred Geometry

Compliments of Artist: Mother Nature

We evacuated Wednesday before the hurricane struck our sweet little town of New Bern, NC and watched with helpless horror (from our hotel room with our two cats), as cameras rolled down our streets posting non-stop, terrifying videos of this monster storm. We were but a few allowed back in having brought the deed to our house to show the National Guard before clean-up could begin. Loss of power for six days.

I know most would expect us to postulate how lucky we are ‘compared to others’ in the same situation but for some reason, I want to be the container – if only for a short while – of grief over the damage to our property, our town, our faith.

We spent a grueling three days preparing for the storm, moving furniture to the second floor, deciding whether to stay or not, purchasing sandbags, plywood, boarding up east facing windows, double locking everything, tying down or removing objects that would fly through the air in hurricane-force winds (100-140 MPH) and injure or damage….we were bloody exhausted as we loaded ourselves into the truck and headed NW for several hours. Neighbors stayed to tough it out. Coming home to water where it shouldn’t be, our yard nearly unrecognizable, marveling at nature’s force and grace. Living beings who survived (fire ants, birds, butterflies, our resident totem praying mantis, etc.) and wondering how on earth they had….looking to the sky and alarmed that ‘trees were missing’ but discovering that it was only the leaves ripped and shredded. The remaining leaves droopy and sad. Six days without power, full days of clean-up in heat and humidity, wondering if our ‘thousand year storm’ would trick us all and return someday. Endless caring and worried texts from loved ones – “Are you staying?” “Are you leaving?” “How are you?” “Where are you?” “What is happening?” All wanting to connect and comfort, but we only wanted to grieve a bit longer.  I’m rarely mute but this time, I was. It felt too large to talk about. The Buddhists claim that if you compare and minimize your suffering you’re essentially denying ALL suffering. That by acknowledging our pain, we acknowledge all pain. It makes sense to me.

I have a ‘storm of’ ideas for my next artwork and it will center around this monster storm experience, for sure. The uncertainty. The majesty. The enormity.

Thankful that on all levels of our existence, we have ALL survived something, at some time and that’s a lovely hope for the future. Wishing you peace.



6 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence – We survived it

  1. Glad you survived the experience Carol and hope it doesn’t take you too long to get everything cleaned up and back to normal. You’re right we’ve all survived something – 11 years ago I remember watching helplessly as 4 feet of water swept through my parents home (and hundreds of others too) and there was absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop it. They lost everything on the ground floor of their home, plus outbuildings and a caravan. And it happened in less than 1 hour with absolutely no warning whatsoever! We’ve all seen these scenes on TV but to witness it first hand is something else entirely. Nature is indeed a force to be reckoned with. But we survived and I’m glad you did too…

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  2. I can’t imagine the enormity of emotion running through everyone weathering these storms. Life is so fragile and so resilient all at once. I wish you calm times ahead, in all senses. Love X

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  3. Thank you, Mixy, my friend. Sweeter words were never heard. Tough days ahead but the resiliency of the human spirit is enormous. So much generosity in thoughts, words and deeds pouring into our little town. And then…there was President Trump passing out hot dogs and potato chips at our shelter yesterday…:-D…. I’m so happy my sense of humor has returned.


  4. You can indulge yourself in sorrow I think. My bother and sister-in-law in Charlotte were lucky this time. Just loss of power where they were, although there were trees down and flooding nearby. I remember when Sandy hit NYC…it’s frightening, even in survival. Hope things are returning to normal…(K)

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  5. Thank you. Ah yes, we remember Sandy…..the enormous power and devastation by mother nature. I find myself using all ‘water’ colors and swirling designs lately in my artwork and I think I’m still forcing out the sadness from the direct hit and that which no longer serves. Thanks for the good wishes Kerfe, we are moving day-by-day back to what we remember as normal. Needing lots and lots of patience!


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