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Happy Easter & Happy Altered Book Making!

Art published Somerset Studio May 2019 COVER

Wishing you peace and creativity, as usual. The newest issue of Somerset Studio magazine, now published quarterly and better than ever, with tons of ‘creative’ jump start ideas inside, features artwork from two of my recent altered books. My ‘low tide’ page hit the cover which was quite a surprise! The second altered book entitled ‘Hope’ was a book I scavenged on the final day of our local Shriner’s used book sale, crumbling binding and scarred covers. Michael gave it a clever well-intentioned ‘home’ shape on his saw and I spent the next few days frantically shoring up the sewn binding  which unraveled quickly (definitely a Homer Simpson DOH moment!), in the most messy and creative way.  My work has never been called ‘sweet’.

Here’s the cover which isn’t featured in this month’s issue:

Art published Somerset Studio May 2019 HOPE COVER

Some of the pages:

You know me, I want to reflect and look for a learning outcome when gifts (and struggles but let’s save that for a future post, shall we?) are part of my life. At first, I’m giddy and tell everyone who I know will share in my joy (friends, family, artist friends and of course y’all); then I allow myself to receive the blessings that surround; then I head back to my art lab and furiously create, experiment and of course buy more art supplies — eager to learn more.


The “Hope” book was created post-Hurricane Florence in September, 2018. There was need for so many prayers for everyone, not just those suffering (and still suffering) the effects of this devastating hurricane that slammed into my little coastal town. I found myself silently praying as I worked through. All the news about immigration – and I’m not indulging my political views here – left me grateful my brave grandparents (paternal and maternal) arrived at Ellis Island many decades ago. Regardless of our views on building the wall between Mexico and the USA, we can all pray for the extended suffering of everyone – even our President – to come to an end. By the way, I usually pray for everyone’s ‘clarity of mind’ (what a concept, huh?), compassion, cooperative relationships (I pray I’ll see that in my lifetime) to solving what is a world issue and not just a USA issue. I pray of course, for peace. As a professional yoga teacher, I contemplate the 8 limbs of yoga and how I can present it in a class in a respectful, all-humanity, thought-provoking way without offending our large community of ultra-conservative religious students. I still have to make a living.

My view at this stage in life is to be bold. And I mean BOLD!  Speak and act with BOLDNESS, regardless of the subject. I am certain it’s why my art has been published. I am fearless and grateful for my creative surges. How can one create BOLDLY without being noticed? I put it out there and you should too. Don’t hold back. The time is now for artists to speak their truth. All art is truth, right? There is no such thing as BAD art! All art comes from the eyes and heART of the artist. That we honor the truth and courage of all, will creep into all parts of life, emboldening us with compassion, open-mindedness and yes, freedom – for all. The Dalai Lama asked us all to say this simple prayer for peace (excerpted from the Four Noble Truths) daily…why the heck not?

May all beings be happy.
May all beings be free from suffering.
May all beings never be parted from freedom’s true joy.
May all beings dwell in equanimity.
May all beings be from ignorance and aversion. 

Peace out, loves and thanks for reading!


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