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Happy November/almost December everyone! Hope you’re creative brains are overflowing like mine is these days. So many projects, so little time.

So….collage….again. Every Fall, the National Collage Society holds a juried show and for the past 4 years, I’ve entered but for some reason, my creative preferences have not been under the ‘collage’ to-do column. Every time I thought about entering, I had that feeling of dread. Do you know that feeling? So I finally told myself “screw it this year, and don’t enter if you feel that way. Be authentic, Carol!” I immediately felt a sense of incredible relief, unburdened with having to force creativity, which frankly, is against my religion.

Then…out of of the blue (or gray) was a burst of fresh inspiration as I reviewed lovely work on Pinterest from Crystal Neubauer, my original muse for collage of vintage ‘found materials’. And I have so much crap laying around in my studio lab. I pretend to organize and sort the piles but I dare you to find what you want in there. So it’s back to to buy it. Easier than trying to find it. Ugh. I need to stop that. I don’t think I’m a hoarder but I do acknowledge my artistic interests lie all over the place! I scrambled to make the tight deadline (7 days) and here’s what I submitted (allowance of two entries):

Decimated - 2019 NCS Juried Exhibit Show
“Decimated” by Carol A. More

Materials: old book cover, gold leaf, vintage ephemera, found materials, hand and machine stitching, postage stamp, cool-assed pic of Elvis from an old “Tiger Beat” mag and a hand carved (by me) lino print of a dogwood blossom.

Please don’t ask me what the second entry was….because I’m as disorganized on my phone (photos especially) as I am in my art lab. OMG, I’m turning into an old ditz.

Since I’ve qualified for three shows through National Collage Society, I’m now officially permitted to put “NCS” after my name. While that’s pretty important to me and I honored with a moment of silence, my 15 minutes of fame, what’s MORE important is that my piece SELLS at this show and it doesn’t find its way back home to a bursting-at-the-seams art lab where I have to find a semi-organized pile to store it. I had a $75 tag on it but I will definitely entertain best offers!  And I may have altered the return address slightly in case they try to return it!

Just wait and see my next post – it’s Gingerbread House Contest season around these parts and well, I was last year’s grand prize winner and had to amp things up a mite this year. I went 2.5 story over my 1 story last year. And of course, 100+ hours later and 17 lbs. powdered sugar, it’s ready to debut this Friday. Of course, NO ONE sees it prior to the display – I am so damn competitive! I’m serious about it. Enough photos were taken of my last year’s entry (below) that I’m sure I’ll see some clones this year. But wait till you see this masterpiece! Little chuckling sidenote: When I was placing my entry last year in a lovely shop window for judging, I noticed a few HUGE monster g-bread churches arriving. I nearly took my entry home thinking I couldn’t compete with theirs. Well, the rest is history and well-learned lesson: It’s not all about size, is it? Love and hugs and sending you creative wellspring, my babies…

2018 Gingerbread House Contest Winner – Carol A More





7 thoughts on “Collage!

  1. Love the collage……and your gingerbread house from last year was lovely! Can’t wait to see this years creation!


    1. Hi Bobbie! Thank you. I’ll post now that the judging is finished. It’s a competition and I couldn’t post until……I need to turn down the competitive volume, don’t I?! Hope all is well. Sent you an email to catch up.


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