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Gingerbread House ENTRY 2019!

Cutting-Allen House in Gingerbread by Carol A. More 2019 Entry

I admit, No Apologies, I am a bit all over the place when it comes to my art. It’s like I can’t get enough of creating. When people ask ‘what’s your medium’ I usually default to ‘collage’ because most people understand that it is art – unless you live where I do where the retiree population is dense and we have living here, some amazing artists. Watercolor. Acrylics. Oils. These excellent artists were quite well known where they came from but here…we have so many artists that their work has sadly become a commodity. And a bit snobbish. Little selling. Pretty distracting walking into a gallery and every single work is exceptional. And priced high. No one’s heard of supply and demand here. Recently, during our town’s monthly art walk, I met someone from NE Ohio who was painting (watercolor) lighthouses I knew from my time on Lake Erie. Ahhh a new friend that can talk “all things cool in Cleveland, Ohio”. When my husband (my champion) said ‘did you know Carol is an artist?’ my new (soon to be ex-) friend brightens and says ‘oh really…what medium?’  Collage. cricket cricket. She couldn’t stop her reaction in time, putting up her hand, palm facing my face, and said … executing a perfect 180 degree turn at the SAME time….’oh….collage’. And walked away leaving us airing out our tonsils! We laugh about it now and I fantasize running into her on the street again and boring her with my new ART crush. Me: “Fine thank you. And you? (not waiting to hear her answer) Did you know I am currently building prize-winning GINGERBREAD HOUSES! (insert a humble chuckle here, downward cast eyes, shrugging shoulders) and winning CASH, too. BIG cash.” Okay enough of my show-off-ness.  Here’s my house (above). 14 lbs. of powdered sugar, secret ‘snow’ recipe (If I told you, I’d have to…you know the rest), 80+ hours (rendering the cash prize to a mere $1.50 and hour) and another box of barely used edible ‘tricks’ including spray EDIBLE glitter. 


This is only my 2nd house built in my life and I didn’t shortcut a thing – no fondant on this baby. No purchased decorations from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. HINT: I began with architectural plans…no lie. I’m serious about contests!  It’s modeled after a historic home in our downtown neighborhoods. Quotable Parallel: The right tools make creating anything smoother. Currently on display – with 4 other lovely houses – in the New Bern Post Office window! Winners will be announced December 14th. Do you want to know if I won?

gbread 2019b

And….my collage to the recent juried show (prior post) yielded me the status of Signature Member of the National Collage Society. When 3 of your submitted works is selected into the juried shows, you qualify. Received: a cute little lapel pin, and a certificate showing my recent entry in the background (clever!), the privilege to add NCS after my name in signatures and a (rather strange) request to use my donated collage – if it doesn’t sell and I pray hard it does – as a teaching tool in the Kent State University School of Art Department. That just brings on a whole new series of giggles from me. Can you imagine….Really, I need to take myself more seriously. Maybe that’s why others don’t?  Ugh.

Until next time. Happy whatever you celebrate. May the peace of the holiday soak into your kindness cells!









12 thoughts on “Gingerbread House ENTRY 2019!

  1. Awww, thank you. I had so much fun but the ‘mind workout’ was intense. I think this baby would withstand one of our frequent hurricane force wind storms! I really had to tap into my engineer husband’s skills to make it heat-proof and withstand movement or collapse, and if I had the space around the house, I’d like to see how long it would stay upright. My bet’s on …. years! Until the bugs had the final word.

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    1. I’m coming clean here, Flo. I opened an Instagram account but have not been diligent about learning how to use it. I’m thinking since you nudged me today that I should get on it. I am not a ‘phone holder’ and I know Instagram is a phone app….ugh….thanks for the reminder to use it! Peace, oh talented artist friend!

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      1. Hi, I’m don’t use a mobile phone either. Yes, we are the last two people on this planet that don’t!!! lol I found a good link on youtube that tells you how to upload photos from your computer. Really easy. From experience you just have to watch the size of photos. I have been putting mine at 600 x 600 pixels (whatever that means) and that works out fine. Let me know if you want the link. Take care x

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  2. Thanks so much for the generous ‘lead’ Flo! I am not tech adverse but sometimes digging for a solution takes up too much time – time away from artwork – and this is WONDERFUL info you’ve given me. I will explore and….might just have a bit of success by next week. XOXO


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