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New Collage: Last Breath…the end

“Last Breath … the end” vintage wallpaper, found ephemera, old screen, old fabric remnants, misc. papers, graphite, acrylics on recycled 1/8″ board Collage & Mixed Media Carol A. More, Artist This might sound a bit odd ….making a collage about my mother’s last breath on earth. I understand. And if it offends, I am sincerely…… Continue reading New Collage: Last Breath…the end

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Hello Everyone – Published 3D Works

Damn Straight, I Can Fly! Collage, Mixed Media by Carol More THANK YOU! I’ve been away from my blogging for a while but I haven’t been resting! Moving to a new home in November, traveling to India for a month to continue my Ayurveda studies, ramping up some new yoga classes and creating yoga teacher…… Continue reading Hello Everyone – Published 3D Works

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Collage “Uphill” Carol A. More 2017

A series of FORTUNATE events Lately, suspecting it has something to do with the energy from living nearly in the totality band of the recent eclipse, life has been a series of wonderfully small fortunate events. Peruvian shamans, Navajos, Cherokees believe that the eclipse is the start of something ‘different’ – and it can be…… Continue reading Collage “Uphill” Carol A. More 2017